Tuesday, November 01, 2005

"Trick or Treating"

Yesterday was a crazy day. Noah and I are both sick (he with an ear infection and possible strep, me with strep), but the trick or treating must go on!! Miriam was a parrot (although we called her Senor Tucan from Dora) and Alex was an M&M. I'll show pics as soon as we get a new USB cord.

ALex said "ah ah ah ing" to everyone. Why the "ing"? Because Miriam was convinced that you had to say "trick or treating" and that's exactly what she said--so cute!

She's been saying amazingly cute and funny things lately--it's neat to see a little one learn her way around language. She keeps saying "Yes, I'd be happy to do that." whenever I ask for her help. If she's not happy with something I've said she goes "Mama, THAT'S not a rule!"

She saw Melissa coming toward our yard the other day and said "Melissa! It's a wonderful day!!"

Denise asked her last week what she had been up to that day and she said "oh, you know, the usual."

I'm in trouble if she can say all this at 27 months! What will 3 bring? :) I'll worry about that later and savor this time now.

Noah has been pulling himself around in an inchworm crawl for about a month and is so close to crawling that I can't stand it! He get around so well with his inchworm crawl, though, that he doesn't seem too motivated to attempt anything different.

Alex has been getting sweeter and sweeter. He pushes buttons, of course, what 2.5 year old doesn't?? He keeps giving me impromtu kisses. I love it. It's amazing how much it can lighten my mood to have my little boy come up and suddenly give me a kiss. Today when I picked them up at Preschool one of the little boys was trying to take my hand and Alex ran up and said, "NO! MY Mommy!" Another milestone in adopting toddlers. :)


jeremy in seattle said...

your kids sound cool :). I hope Maya isn't saying those things in 6 months! Of course she probably will be and I'll be as concerned as you are! Give Chris my best

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