Saturday, March 28, 2009

And he's four!

Noah's fourth birthday was celebrated officially last Sunday, but he also had a mini-celebration with our family on his actual day. He spent the day getting chemo, but was feeling pretty good that night. Presents and popsicles probably helped with that!

I will continue to post here off and on, especially as the anniversary of Hazel's death and birth is coming close (How I miss my daughter!), but if you want regular updates on us and Noah's treatment, I encourage you to check out his CaringBridge site:
Noah James.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Miriam's tooth

Miriam is my first child to loose a tooth! It's been a fun week or so of wobbling the tooth, showing it to friends and strangers alike. It finally came out this week (while Meemaw was visiting!)

She looks worried; I'm not sure why. She was smiling and giggling and silly. She tried to run home across the parking lot, but couldn't because the tooth was in an uncovered cup. She slowed to a walk. Then she'd get so excited to get to me that she'd start to run again. stop. start. It was funny to watch!

What the tooth fairy brought:

We don't "do" Santa or the Easter Bunny, but I love fairy and make believe and pretend, so I enjoyed this whole thing very much. And most importantly, Miriam loved it. The matchbox idea was adapted from Family Fun. The little note idea was adapted from MollyCoddle.

I made a comment that night before bed about the tooth fairy and she leaned close and said, "We know the tooth fairy is our mom and dad." and I said, "but even moms and dads like to pretend". Her response? "Oh! I like to pretend, too! I'll pretend with you!" After that, it's been lots of fun pretending, all around.