Wednesday, November 16, 2005

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Just found this funny old picture of Miriam. It's rather appropriate for this day, as she's a bit, um, overgrown in the hair department. I don't trust my skill with the blades and Christmas (and my sister's stylist skills) are too far away...I think I may actually take her to one of the kiddie hair cut places. I can't even believe myself, but there you have it.

All 3 of my kids are asleep right now--at 3 pm. Miracles do happen.

Off to cut out a cool dress for Princessa using painting red rhinos fabric and an Ottobre pattern. My first Ottobre pattern. Will post pics if my hubby fixes our USB port.


jena said...

Which prr print are you using? Which dress pattern?

Jeni said...

Jena; It's this fabric:
ANd the pattern is Ottobre's 4/2004, dress 12, view A shown here (pdf):