Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Raising Non-Violent Children?

Any ideas from anyone on books?
Any ideas from anyone, period?

It amazes me every day the subtle (and not-so-subtle) things our kids see that fly in the face of what we're trying to teach them. For example, there was an ad on a website that showed a man shooting a bird. Now, I'm not getting into any hunting arguments here, but any picture of a person shooting anything is violent. My kids didn't see the picture (they're aren't interested in the computer), but that's what got me to thinking.

I've read some great articles in Mothering, but the articles often assume that you are surrounded by those who agree with you. Our closest friends are, for the most part, in agreement. But the majority of people in our neighborhood, city and state do not. So, how do combat the daily doses of violence kids are subjected to?

We don't watch T.V. at all, although we do watch DVDs. We read tons of books. We try to model gentle ways in our parenting.

Any other ideas?


Dee said...

Hi there, surfed over from Soulemama. I have a book recommendation... Above All, Be Kind I took it out from my local library and really liked it.

Cindra said...

It's all in the modeling, consistency, setting boundaries and sticking with them. Children crave discipline. Discipline is not a nasty word. It is a safe word. It can be done in a loving and safe way. Lots of hugs and did I say consistency?

Anonymous said...

Jeni, the Bruderhof have published some great books on this topic. I'm not sure what's still available since thay closed thier publishing house, but check out ENDANGERED by Arnold. Also, I got a book called RAISING NONVIOLENT CHILDREN IN A VIOLENT WORLD out of my library. I haven't read it yet, but it looks interesting.