Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Crafty Mama

Well, I just finished 5,000 cloth gift bags for a sewing swap I'm contributing to. All right, it was only 33 bags, but I am so glad to be done!!! I want to make some kids items for the swap as well. I'm hoping to make some crayon rolls using the directions from this site.
Waldorf crafts are so so so cool.

I really enjoy sewing. I just need to slow down and worry more about turning out good things than turning out a ridiculous number of things. I'm really happy with how the bags turned out and I've made Miriam a few outfits lately that I'm truly proud of. Now, I just need to tackle some baby clothing and some diapers and I'll be ready for the coming of the second and third wave of Newswanger babies.

My goal for 2006--To make all summer clothes for the kids (except for things they receive from others as gifts or hand-me-downs).

Speaking of hand-me-downs. Miriam is set for fall thanks to my wonderful Aunt Sheryl, who passes down all the clothing her girls outgrow. The clothes are cute and in super good shape. Sheryl must be a laundry goddess b/c Miriam's clothes get stained so easily (of course that might have more to do with her tendency to make art projects out of all her food. Including marshmallows.)

Short story--Alex puts on his own shoes almost everyday. He often gets them on the wrong feet, but he LOVES to have his shoes on and is determined to do it himself. Anyway, after nap yesterday he came downstair in just a t-shirt and diaper...but he had his shoes on! I wish that I could type the way he talks b/c it's so so cute sometimes. Since he doesn't say consonants most of the time, it can be pretty funny, too. He has sponge bob sandals that someone gave him. We don't watch TV here, but he must know sponge bob from his foster hom, b/c he says "spuh bah".

I love that little man!

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