Friday, November 18, 2005

Midnight Showing

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I went to the theater last night to see Harry Potter. Well worth the exhaustion I feel this morning. It was fun to pretend for one night that I didn't have 3 kids waiting to wait me up at their eariest convenience the next morning.

My advice to all who go see this movie is in three parts. 1)Remember that the book was approximately 5 million pages long and that the only way to get all the details in the movie would be to make a 6 hour BBC production from it (and then it would still piss people off. So, not worth it). 2)Because of all that was cut out, try not to be too attached to your favorite book scene. It probably isn't in the movie. 3)If you want to reread the book before you see the movie and you haven't done so already, don't.

That being said, I liked it. I wasn't too sure after the first 20 minutes (you'll understand when you see it), but I actually think "they" did a good job of cropping the story down to manageable form without losing the INTENT of the book. There are major scenes and characters missing (I'll tell you if you wanna be prepared, but I don't want to post here; I'd like to keep my friends happy with me). There were still some jarring moments (first 20 minutes), but once I acclimated myself to the style, I was fine.

I like Neville; I'm glad he was more "present" in this movie. Fred and George are perfectly cast and this movie plays them up a bit more. Ron has grown on me (and has grown, period). Hermione is, of course, too pretty, but I kinda like that in a movie girl. Cho has a charming accent. Harry looks perfectly awkward and gangly and properly "child/adult" for this year of his life. McGonagall is a favorite and although neither she nor Snape had large rolls, they both got out-loud laughs from me. I really like Mad-Eye, too.

Well, that's as good as I can do with 4 hours of sleep.


amy said...

hey! it would be great to see you in goshen, if we can work it out. send me an email at amyjoyfox at gmail dot com. hopefully i can meet your three lovely children, and see YOU!

Cindra said...

I have loved Harry Potter for years. My son and I read the first book before it was the big deal that it is now. It spurred us to read more books together. He is now 23 and we still read Kid Lit together. We are looking forward to seeing the movie over the holidays. I watched the making of it on A&E the other night, so I don't think there will be too many surprises.
I love that it keeps us children.

jena said...

Are you just taunting me with a picture of those awesome scarves?! ;)