Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Poop in the Potty. Poop goes in the Potty

Oh, yeah. Nothing like a good Poopsmith Song. Ya gotta check out Over the Rhine's website to hear the music, but we've been singing this song a little too often in our house. But you know what? It's working! Alex has been telling us for 3 days when he has to go potty. I honestly never imagined how excited I would be about my child's potty training! Go, Alex!!

Miriam is intrigued, too, and often asked to try after Alex is done. Positive peer pressure, case in point.


ang said...

send some of that potty mojo our way! Katie is on board, then she's not. It's very much run by her mood at this point. GIRLS! sheesh.

Jena said...

Such an inspiring song! :) I love how mellow it is.

I never noticed that it was called the Poopsmith song... an homage to the character of the same name on www.homestarrunner.com??

Jeni said...

Ang--well, once we get consisten, we'll send the mojo your way, until then, we're keepin' it all! :)

Jena--It wouldn't surprise me if it was, but I just always took it to be the simple "oh, the kid's a Poop smith, not an iron smith" kind of thing.