Tuesday, September 06, 2005

There is no shadow of turning...

I learned to spin this weekend. I *love* it. I'm telling people the creation of my own little ball of yarn is second only to giving birth to my kids. I'll post pics when I get a chance to upload.

I'm reading a book by Chuck Klosterman and it's getting *really* hard to finish it; but I feel like I'm watching a train wreck--I'm disgusted and intrigued at the same time. I have to finish it. And so I will...but If I start using ANYWAY or saying a) this and b) that, you have the right to call me on it.

I guess I'm over the whole self-absorbed memoir books where the author seems to be in love with how well he can use puns and how cannily he can make fun of others (or himself) and how doing drugs must make him cool or trendy or something. I'd rather read blogs.

And frankly, I'm not so sure I can trust a guy who falls in and out of love so readily and then compares his loves to the members (or hangers on) of KISS.

In other news, Noah was fussing today and when I went to check on him I saw that he had managed to get out of the infant carseat, turn over, and get across the carpet to his toys. That is one determined 5 month old.

My grandma is in the hospital again. They think she has pneumonia and has had a stroke. My dad found her lying on the floor of her apartment this morning.

My daughter keep making huge leaps in her conversation skills. She amazes me. She remembers things from weeks ago; she memorizes and "reads" her books to herself; she tells me long stories about her day--She only just turned 2! Yes, I am her mother and Yes, I am aware of the bias that presents, but I think she rocks.

Alex loves to laugh and loves to make others laugh. He obsessed with cars. When we come out of the store, I always ask the kids where our car is, and Alex always finds it right away. However, recently he's been making a little joke of pointing out all the cool cars he'd rather have and saying "OUR car!" HA.


Jena said...

I am so so SO excited to see your homespun yarn!

amcorrea said...

You'll probably enjoy this: http://www.edrants.com/?p=1953

Glad to see you back!