Thursday, March 10, 2005

I'm 37 weeks and 3 days pregnant. This is "more pregnant" than I've been before, as Miriam was born at 36.3 weeks. My back is killing me; I'm measuring 10 weeks ahead (which would be 6-7 weeks OVERDUE); Miriam is such a handful right now, too. She's very possessive--of everything--her mama, her dada, her toys, whoever happens to be within 2 feet of her, etc...

I've got bags packed, but my house is a mess.

It's such a strange position to be in--we were really expecting to have this baby earlier than now, so I FEEL overdue even though the 29th is my due date.

I would love to have this baby before the 29th, but I would love to share by birthday with my little Noah.

My friend Amanda gave birth to her little one yesterday. She was told at 16 weeks that she was either having a little boy or else there was a "big toe" in the way. They said they were 80% sure it was a boy (which I understand is the standard percentage for ultrasounds). Well, it is a girl. Amanda was so shocked. No one believed her when she called and told people. We may have been more likely to believe her if she wasn't the world's biggest practical joker. Anyway, little Amy arrived instead of little Tobias and she is loved, loved, loved.

I can't wait for my little one.

jump again--
Miriam weighed 7 lbs, 5 oz at 36 weeks; any guesses on this baby?? I'm guessing at least 8 lbs.



Kendra said...

how about 8lbs 7oz :-) Do I get a prize if I am close?

Jena said...

Ummm... 8lbs, 2oz??

So is there still a 20% chance that your Noah will turn out to be Hazel after all?!