Monday, February 21, 2005

Wow. It's been a while...with no good excuse, of course.

Miriam's leg healed fine and she's running around (saying "hut, 2, 3, hut, 2, 3...")

I'm almost at the end of my pregnancy and we've not had any of the difficult problems we had during my pregnancy with Miriam. I did have a bit of a preterm scare a couple of weeks ago, but all was fine and I was sent home NOT on bedrest, but with some jittery-making pills to take as needed.

We're having a boy, Noah.

And we found out on Friday that we will most likely be able to adopt my cousin's son. Previously we thought we had permanent guardianship--adoption was just a dream.

Okay, not very witty or informative, but it is a catch up.

Miriam's calling for "more juice", so I need to go.

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