Friday, March 11, 2005

No Natural Childbirth for Me

I received some disappointing news today. I went for my weekly OB appointment and she still wasn't able to feel the baby's position for certain, so she sent me for a quick ultrasound. By this time in pregnancy most doctors (and women themselves) are able to tell baby's position, but my numerous fibroids make it impossible. Noah is a footling breach, which means one leg is down and his head is up. Most doctors will not even attempt a vaginal delivery with this kind of breach presentation. There are things we can try in order to turn the baby, but my fibroids make them very unlikely (although not risky, so hopefully we'll still try them!).

I cried when I found out b/c I know that I will likely have a C-section. It doesn't help that when I tell people they are condescending and say things like "well, at least your baby is healthy." I already know that I'm blessed to have a healthy baby and that some people have to deal with true heartbreak during pregnancy and that this is just disappointment...but I still need time to process and deal with the disappointment--and to mourn the labor I was dreaming of having.

At least I know why I've been having such sharp pains in my cervix. Little One is trying to kick his way out, I guess.

And I am lucky that my baby is healthy and I'll feel blessed by and in love with my baby no matter how he enters the world.

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jena said...

I'm so glad to see that you're blogging again -- I had some catching up to do!

I'm sad about your latest delivery news... but I'm holding out hope that he'll wiggle into the right position before his birth day.