Friday, March 25, 2005


I went to the doctor for a non-stress test for the baby on Wednesday because I wasn't feeling nearly as much movement as usual. The baby did fine with the test, but it appears he's still breech, so we have a c-section scheduled for Saturday at 9 am. There is still time for him to turn, however unlikely that is. At the appointment I made the comment that no woman WANTS to have a c-section and the nurse said "well, some women do, but they don't come to this practice because they know Dr. S won't do them unless necessary." That was really reassuring to me. I already knew that Dr. S has the reputation for not doing c-sections, but it was a reminder I needed. Dr. S said she feels a section is safest at this point and I feel confident in trusting her judgment.

My parents are arriving tonight and Chris's parents are coming for a few hours tomorrow. Miriam is not going to know what to do with BOTH sets of grands here. She's going to be so happy, she'll be running around in circles.

Speaking of Miriam. Yesterday afternoon was warm and sunny so we were sitting outside when Chris got home. He sat down with us and after a bit, Miriam walked off toward the van and said "bye-bye, mama!" She went to the van and tried to open the front door. After failing at that she came back to me and said "I need keys." (Chris and I are laughing by now, of course). I told her to ask her daddy and she said "Key, please", took the keys he offered and tried to get into the van again. Oh, my...I wish I were I better writer so I could describe just how funny this was.

Finally...I received in the mail today a certain CD that's being released officially on Tuesday. It's supposed to be for my birthday (also Tuesday), but I opened the mail, knowing that it had to be the CD. I got my husband to allow me to have it now--mostly by pleading and muttering "i'm having SURGERY tomorrow" under my breath. It's wonderful and I'm off to listen again. Thanks, Over the Rhine, for a wonderful birthday gift!!

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jena said...

Do you love the new CD?? I do! I still adore their sound on Films For Radio, but I also love the really personal approach to this one. Happy Birthday to us!

P.S. Miriam promised to come pick me up last week for our big night out on the town. I was wondering why she didn't show up! har har