Friday, May 28, 2004

I'm sitting here in the playroom, boxes and toys around me, with my baby girl laying next to me and the laptop propped, interestingly enough, on my lap. Miriam was so sleepy. It's funny to me that a child who sleeps with her parents needs so much space. If I get up during the night, she wakes up. If I get up in the morning, she wakes up. If I sit up, she opens her eyes to check that I'm not actually getting up. However, she sprawls out in the bed while Chris and I take to the sides. I wouldn't change it for the world.

I was thinking a lot about change tonight. Chris and I have had so many changes since we married. We moved to Cincinnati. We moved back to Indy. We bought a house, sold it, and bought another house. We moved to a new church. We changed jobs. We had a baby. It seems that our life together had been one change after another. But I feel stable. I'm not longing for things to stay the same for a while. I like where we're at and imagine we'll be here for a long time and I'm very content with that (in fact, I would say it makes me happy). But I don't begrudge the times of change.

Miriam is such a wonderful little child. It's amazing to me how much her own little personality is coming out. She loves pickles, cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, chips and ice cream (yes, I've allowed my ten month old to try chips and ice cream--but only little tastes). She doesn't seem to like chicken very much. Or fake crab. She smiles when she wakes up on her own from a long sleep. She plays and plays and plays. She prefers breastmilk to any of the above mentioned foods. The other day, though, I was eating a bagel while feeding her and she stopped eating to reach for the bagel. She's growing up. Her hair is getting longer and thicker. It's still wonderfully red. She has 6 teeth. She loves our friend Denise almost as much as she loves us. She seems to like men with facial hair and/or long hair, which makes many of our male friends happy as they are used to scaring kids away with their facial hair and/or long hair. She helps me to see a new side to people, who have infinite patience with her, even while she's crawling all over them and pulling their braids. She wants to explore everything. She is trusting and loving and amazing.

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