Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Well, I'm not doing to well on the posting. We had quite a crazy week last week. Our new dishwasher didn't work; our washing machine spurted water all over the basement floor; our (new) cabinet door broke off, etc. Of course this all happened in one day. It's all fixed now (except for the door). I had a minor break down but all is okay now.

Miriam is crawling and standing up, waving good-bye and throwing everything she can reach off of the table. :)

I've been sewing a lot--I've made Miriam an outfit and a cloth book. I'm working on an apron for myself now. It's a 50's style apron and it's kind of funny, but I love it. I will use it and have fun while I'm in it. I't got ruffle and rick-rack--it can't get any cuter than that!

On Sunday, an elder at our church did a communion meditiation that compared Pat Tillman to Christ. That sounds much more goofy written out than it seemed during the service. It is ridiculous, though, on many levels. Yes, they both gave up something "great" in order to serve; but that is where the comparison ends. It was the nature of respective service that makes them so different. Jesus gave his life for others; Pat Tillman took others' lives in a misguided attempt to protect his country. I was so distracted by the absurdness of the comparison that I don't think I really paid much attention to the act of communion.

Another topic that's interesting to me is schooling. What is the purpose of teaching our kids? Should I homeschool? Help with the public schools? There are two families in our church that are preparing to homeschool this year. The two girls went to the church's school for kindergarten. One girl is very ready for 1st grade; she's reading, loves to ask questions and explore things, etc. The other girl is not ready for 1st grade work (although I think that with help she'd be okay). The dilemma here is that the families really want to keep the girls together and homeschool them together. They are really trying hard to make the decisions that will best benefit the community. Do you hold them both back? That makes no sense to me; I just don't see that they will be on the same level any time soon.

I'm losing my train of thought--so I'll write more later.

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