Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Thanks, Amy and Julie for responding to my last post. (And Julie, let me tell you I'm happy about the no-reporting thing! What are the rules in Ohio? :)

There are numerous reasons that I am wary of the public school system. But should that be enough to cause me to homeschool? I do not want to shelter Miriam to the point that she is unaware of the real world...but I don't want her to learn things way earlier than necessary. Last year, I had 3rd graders talking to me about people "getting it on", etc...and they obviously knew what they were talking about. I don't want Miriam to have a warped view of sex...I don't want her to grow up pledging to the flag...I don't want her to learn to bully (or to be bullied herself). Also, our public school system is just not so good. I'm sort of anti-testing and anti-traditional grades.

Although this may not seem related, it is...what is our purpose? Is it to love God? To draw others near to him? To live closely with others? All those things? Does homschooling Miriam fit with our purpose? Does sending her to public school? Does my staying home help? Can I connect with families in my neighborhood if Miriam is not in school with them? Do i want to use my child as a "lure"?

I think this is my most disjointed post ever. :)

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