Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Our play room is a functional room! Woo-hoo.

We're getting unpacked, still, but the downstairs looks more or less done.

Miriam will be one (!!) next week (the 23rd). I can't believe it! She's so close to walking, she's said her first word, besides mama and dada (dog) and she loves pointing at things and saying "da?" (that?).

We're hoping to get custody of my cousin's son through Pennsylvania's kinship care program. If we get custody now, we'll likely have custody until adulthood. Although we may never be able to officially adopt him, he would, in all other ways, be our child. He's 5 months older than Miriam. Pray for us as we pursue this.

I feel overwhelmed sometimes and I realize that I'm too worried about what others think. Who cares if my yard doens't look perfect? Who cares if my house isn't spotless? Who cares if the fabric I love for my living room is not loved by my friends. I mean, seriously, these things are not important. I'm learning contentment, but it's a hard, long, slow learning procss.

Well, I think I lied. I'm not learning contentment really, I'm struggling constantly. I'm not happy with myself, my home, etc. I'm very content with my child and husband, just not with *me*. I feel like such a loser sometimes. Why can't I stay motivated to do things other than sew, read and be with my child? Why do I care that my house is a mess and not DO anything about it? Argh.

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