Monday, April 25, 2005

My kiddos

Here are some recent cute (yes, I'm biased) pics of my kids.

Miriam sleeping...this is her typical pose--Butt in the air, eyes 1/2 open (kinda creepy, honestly).
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Noah sleeping on the back porch. This was one of our lovely sunny days that seem so distant already.
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Noah's first bath. He didn't really like the water, but washing his hair went just fine. He's opposite of his sister, all right.
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Miriam's crazy after-bath hair:
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We went out for Dairy Queen last week. Miriam loved Mama's Moolatte, as evidenced in the photo below:
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We had some wonderful people over after church last night and got this priceless pic of all the baby boys together. From left to right: Benjamin (Benny Goodboy), Noah, and Kairos--BFF (lol).
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jena said...

So much cuteness go on over here! I love it!

You've gotta save that photo of the 3 musketeers... I can see it showing up again in those guys' high school yearbook someday. :)

Anonymous said...

I loved the pictures...and I really would like to see a replay of the playground incident LOL! Well this is not "Peter Potter" saying goodnight to all cute kids in Indy!