Monday, March 08, 2004

Oh, So many thoughts flying through my head tonight!

Luke came home from the hospital on Friday. They believe he was not having seizures after all. They observed him for awhile. He was sick and believed that the shaking of the legs was from pain, not seizures. Poor guy!

Amy started a discussion about voting the other day that was interesting. People sure do get fired up about that topic. Most people were able to argue nicely, but I guess some people need to put each other down to feel like they've made their point. I'm proud of what my husband wrote; I believe he stated what he believed succinctly and carefully, and that he did so with a loving tone.

I wonder if I am arrogant? Ang said that she finds people who abstain from parts of life in the name of Christ arrogant. (btw--Ang is not the person mentioned above.) I hate to think that I'm arrogant. I honestly don't believe I am anymore than Ang is. She takes part in something I abstain from. We both believe we are correct. We will both argue our points. Argh. I'm not sure where i'm going with this.

I'll just say I know I have lots of character flaws and I'm certain that arrogance is one of them. But I just hate to be lumped in with a large group of people and called arrogant for doing (or not doing) something about which I feel conviction.

Resist2004 It's all there. Arrogance or no.

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