Friday, March 26, 2004

it's been awhile. We're in the midst of our move. I have this house 1/2 packed, Chris is working at the new house every night after work and our amazing friends are working their asses off to help us (Chris would say--Oh my! our friends have no asses!!). Patrick and Mary worked ALL day today laying the tile in our kitchen. Dave, Mark, Laura, Greg, Amanda, Joe, Randy, Tracy, Rodney and I'm sure others I'm forgetting, have all helped with the painting etc while still others watched kidlets so parents could help.

And my wonderful family is coming tomorrow. My Family. :) Not just a couple of them, not just a few of them, but ALL of them--Mom, Dad, Jame & Michele, Janelle & Adrian, Jared & Aimee and Jonathan. I can't smile wide enough. They're driving 10 hours and can only stay for abot 36 hours before they have to head back. But they think it's worth is to 1--see Miram 2--help us with the house 3--celebrate my 30th bday.

Speaking of wonderful friend and my birthday, my lovely friend Jena gave me some awsome bday gifts: a subscription to ReadyMade magazine (I know i'll find tons of project ideas!!), a knitted dishcloth, and an outfit for Miriam (you can see the last two things on her blog. The outfit is so cute on Miriam. I took a pic with her wearing it and I'll post it to my fotopage as soon as I upload it.

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