Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I'm leaving tomorrow morning to spend a week in Pennsylvania. I'm nervous about flying with Miriam for the first time all alone...but she is honestly such a sweet natured little one that I'm sure things will go smoothly. I'm mostly nervous about getting her and all the various accoutrements through the airport without my arms falling off. :)

I'm very excited about going to PA. I haven't been home since Christmas and no one's been out here since then, so we're overdue for a visit. Miriam has changed so much in the past 2 months that everyone is sure to be shocked by the change. We try to keep family updated with pictures, but pictures just don't do the baby justice, you know?

Thanks for all the great discussion about spanking. I'm on a couple of parenting forums and it's interesting how this topic can't be discussed civilly. Parents feel so strongly about it that the discussion goes downhill fast. I really appreciate being able to say honestly how I feel about it without people taking offense or thinking I'm psycho.

In the comments from February 25, Jena wrote "The potential for controversy is always an intimidating thing for me. (Hence, my blog is about crafts rather than life in general!) I admire your frankness very much!" I'm sure she meant the frankness of the entire group discussing this topic, but I have to admit to my own passive-aggression (is that how you write that?). If I were being truly frank I would share all these frustrations openly with my house church. Because I'm too much of a chicken to be confrontational, I shared it on my blog. My house church is not too internet obsessed and most hadn't even heard of blogs until Chris and I were talking about them. So basically, I was too chicken to say all this to the group, so I spewed it here where none of the group will actually read it. bawk bawk.

But I truly appreciate this discussion. I think Ang and Julie are amazing mothers. I know Jena and Amy will be creative, loving mothers, too. I'm so grateful to be parenting in wonderful communities--connected online and off.

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