Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Pressus Baby

Ever since Miriam was a baby, I have been singing a little song to the tune of “Are you Sleeping?” The simple lyrics, “I love Miriam…yes I do…She’s my precious baby…I love her,” were easy to sing while I rocked her and read something else. It’s amazing, though, how those little songs stick in a child’s mind.

She’s been going through an “I do it mySELF” stage, insisting that she’s a “big girl!”. However, last week, when she was overtired and sobbing one day, I said, “Miriam, you’re a big girl, can you calm down and tell me what’s wrong?” She, still sobbing, cried “I pressus baby!”

Today as I walked Alex and Miriam upstairs for a nap, Alex asked me to pick him up. I replied, “Alex, You’re a big boy—I want you to walk up the stairs.” Miriam, who was ahead of us, turned around and said, “*I* pressus baby!”

She most definitely is!

1 comment:

Jena said...

Yesssssssss, she's your pressshhhhussss...

Oh wait, I suppose you probably weren't going for a Gollum reference. LOL

(me = big dork)