Thursday, August 25, 2005

Life is crazy...

So much has happened...
Alex Robert joined our family is June. He's been adjusting well, although there are tough days as we learn to love each other like family. He calls me Mama and smiles so big when he sees me that it makes things easier.

Noah contiues to be a mammoth baby--he's almost 21 pounds at almost 5 months old--phew!! He is the most calm, easy-going baby I've ever encountered. He is a major blessing in the midst of all our craziness.

Miriam is getting cuter and funnier and more challeging. Today she counted to 13--not bad for a just-turned-2-year-old. The newest thing I love the most is that she sings WITH me now. She used to stop singing if I started to sing--I love being able to sing with her--even if the "farmer in the down" climbs up the water spout! ;) She says so many cute things I must start writing down or I'll never remember them. She seems adjusted to Alex...when she gets up in the morning she runs over to Alex's room to see if "my bruder's awake." Amazing how he always is! ;)

I'm a bit overwhelmed and my doctor reccommended some medication, but I'm just not feeling there, yk? I'm hoping to avoid the medication thing, although I'll use it if I need it. I just hate being a stay-at-home-prozac-cliche. At least the prozac would be free (thank you, Lilly).

Chris took 8 weeks off work to help Alex adjust to being in our family (and help us all adjust to him being in our family, too). Chris just went back to work last week--he didn't want to, though. It's going well and we have some plans for the future that help us both to smile more.


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