Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of School!

My two olders started kindergarten today. Last night I wondered where my tears and nostalgia for baby years were…I found them this morning. I got all choked up when I walked away from their classroom door with just Noah.

They used their backpacks from their Grandparents and wore the outfits picked out for them by Meemaw and Pappy.

This is Miriam when I asked her to take just one more picture:

This is Miriam when I reminded her that Sophia and Nanzi and Peyton would be in her class:

Noah and I went to the store and library. I think Noah enjoyed getting the little kid computer all to himself. He played on it the entire 1.5 hours we were at the library. Noah and I picked the two Kinders up at noon and they had much to tell me. They played and worked on letters and did puzzles made from their names. Alex said, “We have to go back tomorrow, though!”

Here they are with their teacher, Mrs Aldrich:

And they are off and running!


julie s. said...

even though i am committed to home schooling for now....that sounds DREAMY!! i would LOVE to have just my littlest one during the day. i really can't even let my mind go there. i would have so much time to spend on facebook and whatnot!!

miz fuhrell said...

wow - that just happened in the blink of an eye. we're up to bat next Tuesday, with front porch photos and all. :)

amcorrea said...

Congratulations to them both! Another milestone along this lovely road.

All the best to you, Jeni!

Jeni said...

Julie; We're homeschooling starting next year. Our church has a great Kindergarten class (and teacher). They limit it to 12 kids and it's mostly children my kids have known for years. Some of them will do the homeschool co-op with us next year. It's excting, for sure!
I'm working 3 mornings a week, though; so Noah and I just have 2 mornings to hang out. I did enjoy reading "people" magazine while Noah computed, I hate to admit!