Friday, September 28, 2007

Lancaster Part II

There was just so much fun this past weekend that I knew it shouldn't all go in one post. I will probably put more pictures up over the next few weeks as I get the ones from my mother's and sister's (not to mention my own) cameras.

I am the only person in my family that does not live within half an hour of everyone else. In fact, I live 10 HOURS away from everyone else. It sucks, quite frankly. However, we try to make the best of it (and, truly, I couldn't imagine moving away from Indy), and get the cousins to spend good quality time together while we can.

My mother usually has something special for my kids when we visit. I know she does this for the other grandkids, too, but since my children don't see her and my dad very often, they really look forward to the new toy, book, movie, etc. And I like it because usually the toy or movie stays at Meemaw and Pappy's house (the books usually come home with us)!

This visit, Mom and Dad set up the new tunnel toy my mother had bought for the kids. They loved it. All of them. It was a hoot watching them crawl and dive and somersault through it.

We spend a wonderful evening with my sister, painting pumpkins (and ourselves!) and making s'mores. The kids started out the evening by getting completely soaking in the fishpond.

Oh, the glorious mess of the painting! Both Gavin and Moses started painting their own bodies. Gavin ended up covered with paint and as happy as could be.


Ed said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I don't think I knew (or I forgot) about your toddler adoption. Actually, I think I lost track of how many kids you have after Miriam... I would love to hear all about them! I just checked out your blog for a while, and I see that you have Miriam and Alex, who are now 4, and Noah who is about 2 and a half, yes? You have your hands full! I'm at, and our home is We would definitely be interested in talking about toddler adoption and hearing your stories/advice. Ours will be coming from an institution and will speak a different language, so I guess there are some differences too.

Vonda's blog is, so you can check that out if you want too. She is very creative and prolific. :)

Julie said...

Hey, your kids are growing soo fast. I know that is cliche! But, Seriously. :) Not to mention these just look like old N____Wanger pictures in color. The Striking resemblences to unlces and Aunts and great aunts and uncles. :) Julie