Monday, November 03, 2008


We had a great Hallowe'en this year. Alex and Miriam are both old enough to really get into their own costumes. Noah had definite ideas of what he wanted to be (a knight) and what he wanted as part of his costume (a helmet that went "up and down" and a sword.)

It was fun just hanging out with the kids and planning their costumes. I'm so glad we didn't just buy them something. And can I say that where knights are concerned, duct tape is a wonderful thing?

Miriam said from the get-go that she wanted to be Fancy Nancy. She simply picked out her "most fancy" outfit and chose accessories from the dress up box. I knitted her a boa and she was set.

There was great debate within Noah, that slowly came out as we talked. He kept saying he wanted to be a "mean might" (his "n" sound is nearly always "m"). When I asked why, he said "I want a sword." Miriam explained to him "Good knights carry swords, too, Noah. They just only fight with bad knights." After talking this through a bit, he decided he would be a good knight after all. He also decided that I should be a bad knight, so I'm getting an inkling of what his feelings toward ME must be right now.

Alex vacillated between three things: A superhero of his own creation, an astronaut, an airplane. All of them were great ideas. We even gathered the supplies to make the airplane. I was thrilled when he decided on the superhero, because I thought it was so creative. He was "Weatherman". He could make it rainy or sunny. The only thing he came up with that we couldn't do was draw a sun on one palm and rain drops on the other (b/c I couldn't figure out a way to keep them from smudging and getting all over everything).

It was a warm, sunny evening and I had fun playing with the camera. Miriam was a goof, as usual, Alex was super into his "character" and Noah was practicing smiling a real smile instead of the grimace he usually supplies when asked for a smile.


Anonymous said...

What awesome, creative costumes! I love Alex's eye band--that really makes the costume. And the fact that Noah's says "good knight" on it is too cute!

Kimberlee said...

Adorable kids and cute costumes.

danae mesa said...

jenni its danae .... woot. ill find u on facebook later.