Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sir (Skinny) Cat.

We've been adopted by an adorable little tabby cat. She (ummmm...we actually don't know which gender, yet) is a lovely, loving, wonderful kitty who has taken to our children quite well. One the day she showed up, Noah was carrying her around upside down and she didn't even complain--amazing!

Every time I ask Alex what he wants to do for the day he says, "Play with the kitty!"
Miriam is in love; Noah is in love; Alex is in love; Chris has always wanted a cat.

I think this one is here to stay. The only decent picture I could get of this active kitten was when it was asleep. Isn't she adorable?


Katie said...

ah you are on here too! love the name of your blog.

- Katie P :)

Jena said...

s/he is so sweet!

Reminds me of how L'Engle's Murray family says that their pets show up and find them when the time is right.