Monday, February 20, 2006


I've been tagged by Amy and I find these little things rather fun (it's great for those of us who are so tired we can't think of anything to write and yet want to, desperately.

four jobs i've had in my life:
- Waitress
- Barista
- Bookseller
- Bookkeeper

four movies i can watch o'er and o'er:
- Love Actually (promise I'm not copying)
- Lord of the Rings trilogy
- first 3 Star Wars

four places i have lived:
- Lancaster, PA
- Cincinnati, OH
- Houghton, NY
- Indianapolis, IN

four tv shows i love to watch:
(we don't have a tv, sadly for me)

four places i have been on vacation:
- Ocean City, MD
- Los Angeles, CA
- Paris, France
- Minneapolis, MN

four of my favorite dishes:
- Home made Macaroni and Cheese
- Any Pasta with Alfredo Sauce
- Amish BBQ Chicken from Lancaster--mmmmm
- Rita's Italian Ice

four websites i visit daily:
- (and then onto many, many blogs

four places i would rather be:
- Lancaster, PA
- Kalona, IA
- Ephrata, PA
- Anywhere relaxing (with my family, naturally)

four bloggers i tag:
- Jena
- Chris
(I think I've read this already on all the other blogs, but feel free to join in!)

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julie strasser said...

hey jeni....did you guys ever decide to do the homeschooling thing? i guess you've got a few years. hey, some friends of mine from college go to your church. i know it's pretty big, but their names are steve and giedra campbell...also, tom and cindy hundley and micah and joellen weidman ( i didn't actually attend college with the last ones, joellen was in david's first church when he was a youth pastor:)) anyway, just thought i'd mention it. small world.....