Wednesday, February 04, 2004

There are people here right now looking at our house.
They are in the basement. Our basement is an incredible mess.

It's weird that you have to make your house look BETTER than it ever did while you were actively living in it in order to get it to sell. Sigh.

But I came home, lit some candles, and prayed for a successful showing.

On an entirely different note, I recieved a visit from my wandering Aunt Flo for the first time in, oh, 15 months. She really didn't have to visit.

I went to the gym, showered and went to get redressed when I realized I forgot my undies. Try racing home while commando during Aunt Flo's visit.

On the other hand, don't try it.

I made it, though.

And I lifted 5,400 lbs today. I love the computerized weights at the Y. You can do any weights you want and you don't need to use the computer, but if you put in your pin number, it keeps track of how much you lift, how often you lift and how much you're improving, etc. It's cool to "see" my progress that way.

I also did a 20 minute cardio workout.

I will shed this weight.

1 lb down, 74 to go.

ramble, ramble, ramble.

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